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Off The Lake Decor
Artisan Collaboration and Gift Store

About Us

Off The Lake Decor is a local mission business that was founded in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. We started working out of my garage doing signs, yard games and pet furniture.

We expanded into making farmhouse furniture in late 2020. For the next 2 years we expanded the business and built up the brand name by building quality in-expensive furniture. In mid 2022 however, when restrictions began to lift the furniture orders started to decline. We, like everyone had to pivot our business model. We started to focus more on craft markets and went back to our roots and started to create more signs and pet furniture. During this time we started talking to other Artisans and watched how the craft market industry started to change.

Late in 2022 we made the decision to open a retail store to allow other artisans like us to showcase and sell their items. Feb 15, 2023, we officially opened our doors with 12 artisans in the store. Over the summer and into Christmas we grew to having over 30 artisans.

We take pride in featuring local work and Conan has taken up with the Downtown Business Association as a Director and member of the Marketing and Events committee to further help the downtown grow.

We are dedicated to the growth of the local Artisan community. We actively promote everyone in our store and encourage new Artisans to continue to grow. With our wealth of experience and knowledge of this industry it allows us to provide not only a great place to sell your hand crafted items but we can also give you advice on how to setup your shelf and display your items.

You can find us all over the lower mainland at various markets both as a vendor and just walking around supporting the local craft markets.